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Yeshayah Sananda Melchizedek

I wish you much love, power and wisdom on the great journey of your sacred heart, where the will of your divine self, "God within us" is known.

"Be still and know that the "I Am" IS God"

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26 August Interactive Readings

The story of Yeshayah, Son of Yeshua Aka Jesus

As a child I had a dream where I've seen "Paradise" is here! And from a earthly 3 dimensional level perspective near at hand and the transformation towards it. This is a process been all my life to where I am now.

There is space for interactive questions, group healing and a group dialogue causing reflection that will take place. So everyone has their own voice as a child of God, the All-energy, the central entity and everyone has their own story. There will be recognition, acceptance, expression and a Release will take place. In my Garden is a beautiful sacred geometry, The Golden Shield of melchizedek where healings and initiations will take place. We start with a alignment to God and the Paradise, and we will finish with a short ascension meditation

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Location: Cornelis Dopperstraat 15, 5654 JG, te Eindhoven

For register: 06-17994335 or email williammelchizedek@hotmail.com

Peace be with you!

Namaste, Yeshayah Sananda Melchizedek