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Welcome at the site of:
Yeshayah Sanandanada Melchizedek

I wish you much love, power and wisdom on the great journey of your sacred heart, where the will of your divine self, "God within us" is known.

"Be still and know that the "I Am" IS God"

Upcoming events:

"The Gathering"

"There can be only One Love"

""The Quickening" "

We will work together in connection with the Primary Source and Center, Father / Mother God of All That IS, The "I Am" Presence, Christ Michael, The Holy Spirit, Father-Melchizedek, The Great White Brotherhood, Archangels, Angels and the Ascended Masters.

Archangel Michael's Sword

Your energy system will be purified with the sword of Michael of Karmic connections/cords, negative entities and energie forms will be removed. The energetic injuries that are linked to those that have a physical expression are healed by the Archangels. Your light/love/power frequency is increased to the highest possible potency.

Melchizedek Initiation

We receive a Melchizedek Initiation in the presence of the original Father Melchizedek.

Picture Melchizedek!


This initiation provides a stable grounding and opens your energy system so that you form a channel for the divine world to help manifest the divine plan here on earth. You will experience and anchor more divine love and compassion in yourself. The energy vibration will be increased, so that you as a healer can be in higher dimensions, from which the healing potential is increased. The initiation ensures that you are more consciously connected to The Great White Brotherhood.

There is room for questions, group healing and a group dialogue, resulting in reflection. Thus everyone has his voice and creation as a child of God. Recognition, Recognition, Expression and Release take place.

We start the meeting with an attunement to "The Primal Source of all that is, God / Goddess / Spirit" and conclude with an Ascension (Ascension) meditation.

Location: Cornelis Dopperstraat 15, 5654 JG, te Eindhoven

For register: 06-17994335 or email williammelchizedek@hotmail.com

Peace be with you!

Namaste, Yeshayah Sanandanada Melchizedek